670G-Black-CF-Stealth Type 1 Tactical | Pump Holsters
Nolan Kienitz ​
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T1D for 50+ years, wearing pumps for 25+ years and CGMs for 7+ years. Many pumps and many more clips, holsters, etc. over the years...I've now been using my new and simply excellent Stealth Holster from y'all and it is fantastic. I got the case from y'all about 3 weeks ago and put it on my belt straight-a-way. Sturdy, stays in place and very securely holds my pump. ​ ​
T-Slim-Stealth-Purple Type 1 Tactical | Pump Holsters
Ashley Bagwell ​
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I am so pleased with my holster that I received at the beginning of 2018. I also shipped a couple to a friend in Australia who loves them. I will be ordering more soon. Thanks for a great product! -Ashley at The Sugar Patch ​
630G-Shield-OD-Blade-Tech Type 1 Tactical | Pump Holsters
Timothy Holman ​
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I have told every other diabetic that I see and my endocrinologist about your product. They all loved it. I love mine as well, wearing it every day from the corporate headquarters of the bank where I work to the fire calls where I volunteer. ​
670G-Stealth Type 1 Tactical | Pump Holsters
Britt Bryant
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Type 1 Tactical’s holster is by far the BEST holster on the market!!!!! I can’t even count the number of times we’ve had to call Medtronic for replacement holsters for my son because a clip broke or he had a problem with his existing holster. When Type 1 Tactical appeared on my FB account, I knew your holster was the solution. He loves it!!!! ​
670G-Stealth-Tiffany Type 1 Tactical | Pump Holsters
Janelle H. ​
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I ordered two holsters for my 630. They are amazing quality, slim, and do a fantastic job of keeping my pump secure and in place. The pump has that same “click” sound when inserted as a firearm does when holstered into a kydex holster. This is a great quality product and I am extremely happy with my purchases. I do plan to order more in other colors because I like them that much.